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Please Generate your letter as soon as possible. The Form is officially Closing on 29th March or if delayed by any circumstances it will be automatically closed on 1st April.

Important Instructions for Training (Practical Training)

Practical Training is a part of 7 th Semester

Students pursuing practical training have to deposit fees for 7 th semester before going for the training.

A logbook has to be taken from the T&P Cell, which will be given after accounts clearance.

The logbook has to be filled as per instructions during training.

Training of student who has not collected the logbook will not be accepted.

Logbook will be issued only after deposition of fees by 30th April 2019, no logbook will be issued after 1st May 2019.

In house training is also arranged by the college which is much more inexpensive as compared to usual training. Interested patents/ students can contact T&P Cell on Mob : 9166266888.

Allocations of marks are as follow:
20 Marks for logbook
30 Marks for Presentation
20 Marks for Attendance
30 Marks of Report

Report / Presentation will not be accepted if logbook is not completed.

Please Note Your Reference Letter Id After Generating the Letter for future reference.
Please do not regenerate the letter by manipulating the company details. Similar or Identical letters will be deleted. Do not play with it. Otherwise you will be blocked.
After Generating. Print Out the Letter or Make pdf by selecting print dialog box.